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Do not be fooled by cheap imitations.... or untalented amateurs. Slacker Productions™ does the real work for you. If you're an independent filmmaker looking to see your next vision come to life on screen, or even an organization simply looking to better your image then look no further. We offer many services that make us a one stop production squad. You should take advantage of that.

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Matt Shaffer

Matt Shaffer

Matt Shaffer is a featured artist from Bradford, PA.

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It's important to trust your designers with whatever the project may be. With professional talent and attitude aimed towards giving you what you desire, you can confidantly fall onto the list of our many clients that adore our work.

EJ Medler Studios
Owl Homes of Allegany
West Valley View Inc.
Union Drum Outlet
Sardonic Grin
The Home Store
Hinsdale Color Guard
& Many More...

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Slacker Productions™ was conceptualized in 1999. Our mission is to give those who want affordable custom design services exactly that. Some of our clients want a chance to compete with bigger companies and we help them. With big ambitions and a growing number of services offered, we give our clients a chance to see a vision come to life. Slacker Productions™ is devoted to creating knockout graphics and visuals for anyone who wants them. We've always had an appreciation for it, and we intend to pass that on to the next in line.